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Why I'm a member of Unity of Buffalo...
Messages from our members

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"The teachings always bring me into the present, where I experience God not just cerebrally, but deep in my soul. It then informs my actions, I feel like I'm home. I feel true gratitude. Sometimes the message is so powerful that it feels like my molecules are changing! Also, I love Rev. Mary. She is one in a billion!" - Karen McDonald

“I'm a member because it gives me a closer connection to the person I want to become through my spirit. I feel accepted for who I am. I can share the love that I have and allow myself to grow.” - Susan Sweeney

“Because this is where I feel most at home.” - S. Hutson

"This is my spiritual home and family, where I care for others and they care for me through actions, love and prayers. I am grateful! ❤️" - Millie Gibbs

"Unity is diverse and respects all points of view. We do it together." - Anonymous

“It uplifts me! Community, it lights me up. Learning from every person and Rev. Mary's lessons, helps me be a better person." - Mary Anne Stevens

"For the social support, inspiration, guidance and fun." - Tom DeLoughry

"The spiritual growth here is amazing and well worth whatever it takes to get here. Many wonderful connections are made here with like-minded souls."

"Unity shines a light on Spirit that lies deep within and brings it up to the surface. Thank you." - Deborah Miller