Music Program

The Unity of Buffalo Music Program is led by a Music Planning and Support Team and features many talented musicians from within our congregation and occasional guest musicians including well known local jazz musician, Joe Brancato. Our Music program is based upon featuring "Posi Music" that supports our message and aligns with our spiritual teachings.

We are also very grateful to the emPower Music & Arts community that supports Musicians, Song Writers and Artists in creating and making available Posi Music for New Thought spiritual communities like ours. Learn more at

What is Posi?

It's just short for "positive" and it's pronounced Pah-zee.

What is Posi Music?

Well-known folk artist and multi-Posi Award winner David Roth, gave this definition of Posi Music: "Posi music inspires, transforms, empowers, unites, enlightens, heals and celebrates the human spirit and its many forms of spirituality. It embraces diversity, builds community, cares for the Earth, entertains possibility and raises consciousness for social justice, self-awareness, authenticity and integrity."